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I have never stood up during a standup

agile bullshit religious wars safe scrum

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We do scaled agile framework at work, so we have daily stand ups, but we never stand during them.

Is this common or do we just suck at this particular development religion?

Trying too hard

same, let me know if you figure this out

Muy Mas Mucho

I take that back. We did stand for a standup once when the agile coach for the department was observing standups for each of the scrums.

We also do the “this is the standup but it’s really a status meeting” anti-pattern.

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Trying too hard

the point of the standup is that its supposed to be annoying to do for longer than 15 minutes, which is why we regularly stood up during standups at most of my jobs. that way the bosses cant dominate your time with meetings

Sexy dragon nerd boy

Really says a lot about software developers if they find standing more than fifteen continuous minutes to be uncomfortable or a burden.

Trying too hard

a long time ago in my old company we actually stood up for a while
then we grew too much and it turned into a lame status meeting

The “this is just a status meeting” anti-pattern seems to be common.

Trying too hard

yeah it was a huge waste of time tbh
i dont really buy ‘agile’ (seems like nobody does it right)

The product owner of our team used to be an agile coach, and he talks about ‘capital A agile’ and ‘just agile’, and it hurts every time.

Trying too hard

nice retro xmfd

Muy Mas Mucho
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