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How many years of C experience do I need before I can order programmer socks?

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Hello. I’ve written a code generating backend for GCC in C. Is this sufficient for me to order my programming socks, or do I need some other proof of accomplishment?

Trying too hard

Fixed. Thanks.

Trying too hard

do you have the socks


I was told that I needed at least two small projects implemented in Haskell, OCaml, Clojure, Racket, Scheme, or Rust that use blockchain, encryption, machine learning, or procedural generation, and that involve cat pictures, CAPTCHAs, upsampling anime cels, retrogames, or automated social media posting.

It sounds like gatekeeping, but rules are rules I guess.

Trying too hard

damn that’s quite steep

I think they want to make sure no fake programmer boys are doing it for the attention and memes, so I can respect that.

Trying too hard

just use a couple apis and make a front end

Muy Mas Mucho

how many patches have you submitted to glibc? need at least 15 ~accepted~ last i checked with the guild

Can you imagine the collection of programmer socks Ulrich Drepper has?

Trying too hard

I’ve accepted I’ll never qualify for the programmer socks, so I’ve given up on them.

Trying too hard

u deserve them MasterOfMagic if anybody does it’s u


Trying too hard

believe in me who believes in your socks

Ordered the socks.

Trying too hard

hell yeah

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