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lately serverless (lambda + api gateway + cloudfront) is my Default Stack
however, the zone is not serverless

No servers, no postmasters.

Trying too hard

serverless is nice b/c it forces you to be stateless
but the β€˜zone has a decent amount of (ephemeral) state: the # users reading this topic thing, and the β€˜channels’ for livelinks
i could decouple that but it’d prob get slower

i also locally cache a lot of database stuff but you could do that with serverless too
the problem w/ the live stuff is that it would get fucked up if multiple instances of the server are running
but this also means i can’t horizontally scale the zone

i haven’t run into any issues w/ one server though, it’s pretty lightweight. i’m not sure what the max amount of ppl it could support is, but IRC servers seem fine with thousands of users so it should probably be ok. we’d probably need tens of thousands of users before it becomes an issue. hmm

Not that you need to be told this, but it’s more about connections per seconds than number of users.

Trying too hard

IRC servers are kind of special in that regard.

Trying too hard

i see.. hmm.. i think we should be ok in that regard
i am also using an extremely unnecessary load balancer (on 1 server) so that could help too

i could save like $20/month if i ditched the load balancer but effort

I think you need servers

Muy Mas Mucho

It’s TYOOL 2020. If I don’t have to stand at a standup then Tiko can serve without a server.

Trying too hard

love not having to maintain servers

as an infra dev so do i

Muy Mas Mucho
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