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ask me anything about c++

ama bad cpp programming

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ask me anything about c++

pretty guardian

what’s the Best and Worst parts of c++

From: Tiko at 2020-01-24 08:03:20
what’s the Best and Worst parts of c++

The issue with C++ is the lack of package management and the fact the standard library is on a 3 year release cycle along with this awful backwards-compatibility enforcement which requires the language to support these asinine ideas and paradigms. Rust is fantastic because it’s a fresh look: it can see everything wrong since the 1980s (unironically 40 years ago) and fix the mistakes made in that and take current ideas to form them.

C++ is great because it’s Bare Metal and it supports almost every programming style while being the most optimized language you can use other than raw asm. You can also use C++ for any application you want to develop. It’s a glove that can fit everything, but should not.

my boy carmack…


probably use rust if you can, but if you can’t use C++ for every new project no troll

pretty guardian

What’s the best way to clue in the other C++ programmers at my work that undefined behavior is a thing and to not rely on it other than leaving comments on their code reviews?

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