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  • Go
  • DynamoDB
  • Vanilla JS

cool stack

Muy Mas Mucho

thank u
i also use Lambda for livelinks

bird on skateboard

it’s v fast

there’s still some improvements i could make but i’m pretty happy w/ the speed
i tried to stick to our web 1.5(?) roots and avoid all the bullshit in modern web apps

bird on skateboard

Pretty cool. Wish I didn’t suck at building stuff.

i’ma Go Dy haha

Shark Cat

Nice stack you got here, bro.

Trying too hard

This is my forum now

Good Content

From: Tiko at 2020-06-24 18:42:53
This is my forum now

illegal username spotted

no star fool gtfo

how exactly does the livelinks work

like how does it know to listen constantly for updates

how does it query the database that quickly

oh is that how lambda and dynamodb work together?

yeah it uses dynamodb streaming to trigger a lambda whenever the posts or threads table gets fucked with and then that sends the appropriate messages to ppl
the lambda gets sent the old and new value so its quick

theres a little bit more going on but ya thats the idea

ugh calculus

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